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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Paint Room

Well this is where I spend my free time ............ now it just needs a small bed : ) & TV

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My New Camera Just Arrived !!

Today my new camera came from Amazon its a Olympus SP-590UZ 12MP Digital Camera with 26X Wide Angle Optical Dual Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD

I'm hoping to play with it this weekend and take some pictures of the Wurttemberg and 1806 Prussian I have been basing the last 2 weeks and post them up.

I'm also looking to let Nat get a new camera also ..... as the one she is using is in bad need of replacing !!

Nat on retreat

2 weeks ago she left to go on a religious retreat with some of her friends visting many temples and climbing the mountian in Chiang Rai over looking Laos .... the Last time we were there together I could see the Poppyfields before harvest.
This Temple ........ was being build 2 years ago when Nat & I visited it ....... now its done and looks beautiful !!!

Getting blessed by the Monks
Bring donations to the temple to be givien to the poor or homeless

Atop the mountain ............ The wire in the backround was not there before and hand been put up after a Japanese tourist fell off trying to get close to the edge !! its about a 1500 Ft drop straight down

KGL Hussar

3rd KGL Hussars
3rd KGL Hussars

3rd KGL Hussars

3rd KGL Hussars

2nd KLG Hussars

2nd KGL Hussars

2nd KGL Hussars

2nd KGL Hussars

1st KGL Hussars

1st KGL Hussars

1st KGL Hussars

1st KGL Hussars

Please if you notice anything not correct, like the visor on the Busby and the few bent swords and temp horse bases ... please let me know your thoughts

British 15th Hussars

Friday, October 9, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Uniform Plates

I have a vast collection of plates ........ Almost every Osprey, The Etling books and many, many other specialty books or collections off the internet ..... but

Anyone have the

Pete Bunde Plates and might want to trade for something ?

Off the Subject ......... but a good one !!!

Sawadee krup ........ I always said if I had a blog to tell people about this place ....I would !!

I have been blessed with so many things is so easy to forget ....... I have a family, a job, a home, car and income to spend on a hobby

Whenever I'm having one of them days ....... I remind myself to look at these pictures and tell myself ....... your lucky Scott !! I have been having alot of them days of late !! Nat on the other hand showed me this little haven of peace ....... she was not as lucky having lost her father when she was very young and being raised by her wonderful grand parents who instilled into her the beauty of giving and taking care of others.

I love to travel !! and each trip to Thailand Nat and I spend a afternoon at the orphanage ( Baan Kingkaew ). It is something we just enjoy doing every trip !!

When we go we like spend having dinner or bring them a something fun and special to eat ..... cake, or another bakery food seems to be the favorite of the 4 to 6 year olds.

I can never explain the feeling of spending the time with these kids ........ there the best !!
Please if you every want to make the world a better place ........... just stop into one ........ even if you don't have a dime ..... the children just love the attention and hugs !!!

Duchy of Warsaw

Nat had painted up some samples for my long off project of the Duchy of Warsaw. This will not really start until after the British Project is complete !!

This project has the following

44 x 42 Fig Infantry Btns 36 Marching & 6 Skirmishers
17 x 32 Fig Cavalry Regts
12 x Batteries of Artillery I think

Samples of Duchy of Warsaw

18mm AB !!!