Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Its been too Busy

I really feel bad for not keeping my blog updated ..... but with work at the day job and other things its just been tough !!

I had spent the last month, in the paint room going over and doing a complete Inventory and moving things around making labels for my Shelves and drawers. I had also need need to bag, label, count out almost 21,000 Ab Figures I had ordered in the last 6 months !! I'm also doing on of the uniform details into the computer and having printouts for each of the armies so I do research at a latter time.

Also been working on basing up both Early and late Prussians, British Cavalry, And I still need to finish pictures of my Complete Wurttemberg Army.

Since Oct I have collected ( but not Painted )

All of the British Units that took part in the Penn and Waterloo

All of the Portuguese Units ( except Cavalry ) I can't find what I need for them !!!

All of the Spainish Infantry all 8 Divisions and Lights, I also have the Dragoons but still need the Regular Line Cavalry, Hussars, and Lancer, and Artillery.

Started my Early French for 1805-07 with 104 Line Btns of 54 figs each, and 25 Light Btns of 54 figs each,

Just finished baging and labels for the whole of the French Cavalry from 1805 - 1812
2 Carabiniers, early and late, 14 Regts of Cuirassiers 50 figs each, 26 Dragoon Regts of 32 Figs, 26 Chassuers of 36 figs, 9 Regts of Lancers, and 14 Regts of Hussars, And started collecting the post 1812 French Cav for Waterloo using CGM.

I should recieve the balance of my Spanish Infantry next month from Eureaka USA along with the Complete French Imperial Guard, Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery for every unit for 1805 - 1815 ....... other then Guards of Honor & Scout Lancer of the Guards as I have not found the Correct figs too do them yet.

AB Prussian were just Finished for my Buddy Andy

Andy does all of his own basing so these were just stands we used for practice pictures


A Few Pictures of a few things we painted for the owner of CGM, Dermot a wonderful guy and outstanding Figs

Dutch Belgian Artillery

Monday, March 29, 2010


This weekend I recieved a great little package in the mail from the UK filled with wonderful little flags made by Maverick-Models.
The Order was for flags for Portuguese, Italian, Westphalian, and some Brunswick. The Details are just great and are very high Quality and I can't wait too place another order soon for some Spainish, French & Polish Standards.

Besides the flags, the Service from Stuart is just Great and enough can't be said about it

What I like about Maverick Models

1. Customer Serivce is great , and responds to Emails !!!!
2. Quality is Great
3. Lower cost then most for good quality
4. You are not stuck buy flags in sets for stuff you do not need like so many other Flag Makers
5. He will size them too your figs ......... need 18mm or 30mm no problem, and he asks straight off !!! and didn't charge a penny more to do it !!
6. Open too YOUR Ideas for new flags !!

Again I'm very happy to recommend him and a welcome vender for all of us !!!