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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Its been too Busy

I really feel bad for not keeping my blog updated ..... but with work at the day job and other things its just been tough !!

I had spent the last month, in the paint room going over and doing a complete Inventory and moving things around making labels for my Shelves and drawers. I had also need need to bag, label, count out almost 21,000 Ab Figures I had ordered in the last 6 months !! I'm also doing on of the uniform details into the computer and having printouts for each of the armies so I do research at a latter time.

Also been working on basing up both Early and late Prussians, British Cavalry, And I still need to finish pictures of my Complete Wurttemberg Army.

Since Oct I have collected ( but not Painted )

All of the British Units that took part in the Penn and Waterloo

All of the Portuguese Units ( except Cavalry ) I can't find what I need for them !!!

All of the Spainish Infantry all 8 Divisions and Lights, I also have the Dragoons but still need the Regular Line Cavalry, Hussars, and Lancer, and Artillery.

Started my Early French for 1805-07 with 104 Line Btns of 54 figs each, and 25 Light Btns of 54 figs each,

Just finished baging and labels for the whole of the French Cavalry from 1805 - 1812
2 Carabiniers, early and late, 14 Regts of Cuirassiers 50 figs each, 26 Dragoon Regts of 32 Figs, 26 Chassuers of 36 figs, 9 Regts of Lancers, and 14 Regts of Hussars, And started collecting the post 1812 French Cav for Waterloo using CGM.

I should recieve the balance of my Spanish Infantry next month from Eureaka USA along with the Complete French Imperial Guard, Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery for every unit for 1805 - 1815 ....... other then Guards of Honor & Scout Lancer of the Guards as I have not found the Correct figs too do them yet.

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