Monday, March 29, 2010


This weekend I recieved a great little package in the mail from the UK filled with wonderful little flags made by Maverick-Models.
The Order was for flags for Portuguese, Italian, Westphalian, and some Brunswick. The Details are just great and are very high Quality and I can't wait too place another order soon for some Spainish, French & Polish Standards.

Besides the flags, the Service from Stuart is just Great and enough can't be said about it

What I like about Maverick Models

1. Customer Serivce is great , and responds to Emails !!!!
2. Quality is Great
3. Lower cost then most for good quality
4. You are not stuck buy flags in sets for stuff you do not need like so many other Flag Makers
5. He will size them too your figs ......... need 18mm or 30mm no problem, and he asks straight off !!! and didn't charge a penny more to do it !!
6. Open too YOUR Ideas for new flags !!

Again I'm very happy to recommend him and a welcome vender for all of us !!!

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