Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A long time

Its been far to long since I have posted and that needs to change ...... since 2012 I moved from Southern Mn to Moorhead Mn about 5 hours away. Moving all my Painting stuff was horrible ..... and is just now being put back together. 2013 was a great year for the painting service and I hope for a repeat again this year. we painted about 8,000 18mm and a few 100 28mm 7 Years War Figs. Personal Projects - Coming in the the mail this week is the are the last 16 Btn of British Penn War all done in 40 Fig Btns, Now I just need to get some small things done for the British to make it complete, Generals, Wagon, Limbers ect. Also coming in the mail is the start of my French 60 x 36 fig Btns .......... so as you can see I will have alot of basing to do very soon !! I was hoping to get some pictures up today of some figs but the sun is not out. Cheers Scott

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