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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tim Reese's Art of Wars ........... If you don't know .. You should

Tim Reese's Art of War Cd's are a must for any gamer, painter, or uniform collector !! I have been using these Cd's for years now and the work is top notch and at a very good price .. 30 USD for the amount of Information and Uniform Plates you just cannot compair it to anything out there. If was a huge help in my painting of the Britsh Penn Figs as there was a detailed Plate for every Regt of Infanty, Cavalry ect. It has also been the only reason I have given thought to the AWI as his CDs cover the whole period British, American, French and British Allies like Hesse When you think about what you get for your money its a no brainer a example with the Book by C.E Franklin British Napoleonic Wars retails on Amazon for 53 USD for the not as much information .... We all know collection Uniform Information is Expensive as each book ranges from 50 - 300 + So check it out !!! Link is on the Side ....... Where I like to spend my money

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